Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Summer is finally here

The change in weather isn’t the only thing that ushers in a new season.  The dishes we make also change with the seasons.  Strawberries and rhubarb always highlight the arrival of summer here in Ontario.   As a child, the beginning of June would mean piling into the car on Saturday morning and heading out of the city to pick strawberries.  My mom would then make jars of strawberry jam, strawberry flans and any strawberry dessert.  There is nothing quite like eating a freshly picked strawberry.

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Raw Vegan Date Squares

A classic dessert

Date squares are a classic Canadian dessert.   While this is typically a Fall or winter dessert square, I enjoy making these throughout the year.  And once you cut out all the refined sugars and flours, you have a very good and nutritious square to be enjoyed by all. A nutty crust, gooey dates and a crumb topping.  This is where it’s at. Continue reading “Raw Vegan Date Squares”