Welcome to the Hearty Baker!

I create recipes from the heart, which are good for your body and soul.

Here you will find simple to make vegan and vegetarian recipes that are easy to make and good for the body.

Ok maybe a few desserts are not good in excess, but a few vegan sweets never hurt anybody. Many are designed around a low inflammation lifestyle.

Enjoy these awesome meals, be creative and have fun in the kitchen.

Cooking from the heart is sure to make the body happy.

Gluten Free Vegan Vanilla CupcakesBy The Hearty BakerFrosted cupcakes are always a hit at birthday parties, and these gluten free vegan vanilla cupcakes are no exception. They are light and tender, infused with vanilla flavour, and a great way to celebrate any occasion.
Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond BarkBy The Hearty BakerThe flavour of this chocolate bark is reminiscent of those chocolate covered maraschino cherries I used to get for Christmas when I was a kid. This recipe is vegan and gluten free.
Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsBy The Hearty BakerThis vegan, gluten-free banana muffin recipe is easy to make any day of the week. It is chock-full of goodness, and sure to hit the sweet craving that sometimes strikes midday.
Simple Puttanesca SauceBy The Hearty BakerHere is an uncomplicated recipe for when you crave a combination of salty, spicy, and a sweetness. The olives and capers add the salty flavour, and the sauteed carrots and balsamic add to the sweetness. And for that extra punch, the pepper flakes give it the spice you crave. Enjoy!
Sunday Night Chickpea Quinoa SoupBy The Hearty BakerIt's Sunday night, after a busy weekend of shuttling the kids around to hockey rinks. What can you make for dinner on a cold night? A hearty soup of course. The flavours are subtle, and enjoyed by fussy kids and adults alike.
Easy Weeknight Pad ThaiBy The Hearty BakerThis is a tasty weeknight Pad Thai that you can put together with some kitchen staples in your refrigerator and pantry.